Tech Tip: Consider multiple uses when deciding on a video inspection tool

Utilize a versatile inspection system – There are options when selecting a visual inspection tool.  When working in the field or shop, it is important to consider the flexibility one will have to address multiple inspection concerns.

The inspector may need to be mobile in environment and the borescope must be capable to adapt to the inspection. Whether investigating cylinder liners, catalytic converters or other remote areas consider the needs at time of the inspection as well as post inspection follow-up. 

Once accessing a target for an in-situ (Latin for "in position") inspection, users will prefer to cover 360 degrees.   Robust articulation providing complete field coverage allows a view of all areas: straight ahead, to the side, and even retrospectively to look at piston crown and liners. 

Adjustable LED illumination will provide options to minimize reflectivity and optimize the coincidence of illumination depending on variable environments.  And for maximum mobility, a lightweight, DC powered instrument is ideal.