Ask the Expert: How are labor times developed for estimating software?

Q: How are labor times determined for estimating software?

A: It goes without saying that accurate labor times are a must for creating accurate estimates. Automotive information providers take different approaches to how they calculate labor times. Mitchell 1's commitment to creating the most accurate estimating labor times possible begins with the experience of our team of in-house labor editors, many of whom are ASE-certified, including ASE Quad Master Technicians, with a minimum of eight years of automotive repair experience (most have much more).

Mitchell 1 creates labor times that reflect how long it should take an average technician, with average experience, equipment, and motivation to complete a repair on an average vehicle, in an average shop, in average conditions. Our labor times are created by following a long established methodology, using proven procedures based on field research, time studies, information supplied by vehicle manufacturers, as well as feedback from automotive professionals from all over the country. When a customer tells us that they cannot do a repair job within the designated time, we always review the time and procedures, and with the customer's input make necessary adjustments.

In Spring 2013, Mitchell 1 will be offering a new labor estimating solution for medium and heavy trucks, covering classes 3 to 8. Users will also be able to identify a truck based on the VIN.