Ask the Expert: How do repair information websites obtain OEM information?

Q: How do repair information websites obtain OEM information?
A: Repair information is originally created by the OEM as part of a service manual the OEM writes when releasing a vehicle. Aftermarket repair information providers aggregate the OEM data and add value by organizing the information in a standard and easily-searchable format. In addition to the data that originates from the OEMs, some providers include value-added information. For example, Mitchell 1 adds its popular full-color wiring diagrams that aren’t available from all vehicle manufacturers for all makes and models.            

The way that companies develop and package that information for shops varies. Behind the scenes at Mitchell 1, teams of editors compile and format the data, and software engineers build the technical infrastructure to support the ever-growing database and online search functionality. The end result is a Web-based solution with advanced search capabilities that allows technicians to quickly find the information they need to repair even the most advanced vehicles in their bay.