Guardair Personnel Cleaning Station

GuardAir’s Personnel Cleaning Station (PCS) cleans dust, powders and debris off workers’ clothing with the use of a vacuum, thereby eliminating the dangerous practice of self-cleaning with compressed air. The Personnel Cleaning Station runs off standard shop compressed air. The unit weighs 13 lbs and includes a 5.5-gal container, pre-drilled steel mounting bracket, 10’ vacuum/supply hose assembly, and air-agitator brush attachment.

Features and benefits

Running off standard shop compressed air, the Guardair Personnel Cleaning Station pairs a proprietary, on-demand air-agitator brush attachment with a high-efficiency pneumatic vacuum. Activated via a thumb-switch, the air-agitator loosens and lifts particles airborne where the vacuum sucks them away safely and effectively.

Given that it runs entirely off compressed air, this translates to:

  • Low maintenance.
  • No moving parts to wear.
  • No sparking.
  • No electrical motor to burn out.
  • No power cords.
  • Vertical Mounting System (VMS) mounts on any vertical surface, saving valuable factory floor space.


  • OSHA Directive STD 01-13-001 prohibits the use of a “gun, pipe, or cleaning lance” for self-cleaning which might blow “a chip or particle into the eyes or unbroken skin of the operator or other workers.” Use of the Personnel Cleaning Station eliminates this dangerous practice through innovative vacuum technology. The Personnel Cleaning Station fills a void in the market and supports one of Guardair’s key strategic initiatives – the focus on workplace safety.
  • Utilizing air guns for every application simply blows the debris up and out, but it is the vacuum that is able to capture and contain it. This in itself provides a safer and more effective working environment, reducing injuries and any operational hazard costs.
  • Having this product provides manufacturers with efficiency in space and effectiveness in use. Providing a unit that is compact and easily mountable up off the floor is ideal in an operation where workspace is limited.


  • The Personnel Cleaning Station is made in the U.S.A.
  • 5.5-gallon chemical resistant polyethylene container.
  • Predrilled, steel mounting plate.
  • Cartridge filter (77 percent efficient @ 0.8 Microns).
  • Liquid shut-off and drum drain.
  • 1-1/2” ID x 10’ flexible vacuum hose.
  • 1-1/2” OD x 11” plastic crevice tool.
  • 3/8” FNPT inlet.
  • Requires 21 CFM air consumption.
  • Delivers 73 CFM.
  • Backed by Guardair’s Forever Warranty.

Selling points

  • Eliminate injuries through innovative vacuum technology.
  • Vertical mounting system saves floor space.
  • High-efficiency vacuum.
  • Runs off compressed air.

For more information

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