Tech Tip: Inspection scopes can assist with warranty documentation

Before creating a new borescope, Matco Tools went straight to technicians, shop owners and service managers to understand their challenges. The company found technicians were looking for a borescope that could solve ever-increasing warranty documentation needs.

As cars become more complex, so do associated warranty claims. Matco created a solution by developing the PRO1000, a borescope that solves these issues with a built-in image organization system which truly separates it from the competition.

The PRO1000 features an image management system that allows technicians to not only shoot stills, but also freeze and compare image and live shots, and then store them in project folders to organize multiple jobs. Users can also shoot photos in rapid succession to document a problem as it happens, add a voice memo to an image and record video. Matco’s PRO1000 can also connect directly to a TV to present needed or completed work to customers or document warranty repairs and insurance claims.

Featuring the smallest, 5.5mm camera head on the market, according to the manufacturer, the PRO1000 gets into tight spots without teardowns, which can save up to 90 percent of the cost of warranty repair evaluations.*

*Claim based upon a 40-tech-hour engine teardown without the PRO1000 vs. 30 minutes with a PRO1000. Average hourly rate of $20/hour.