Tech Tip: Utilize touchless measurement and analysis for balancers

A feature to look for on wheel balancers is how the measure and analyze the wheel serviced. 

The John Bean RFV 2000 Automated Diagnostic Wheel Balancer is an option for fully-automated diagnostic wheel balaning,  and offers touchless measurement and analysis. Fully automatic inputs remove the chance for error and inaccurate results. When combined with precise wheel balancing; runout measurement diagnostics assure uniformity based on total ride quality.

Another feature to look for in a balancer is 3D laser imaging, to product a picture of the tire and wheel assembly, for the technician. This on-screen graphic provides a color picture supported with diagnostic messages. The messages with arrow indicators, guide the technician to possible service areas on the assembly. The picture and messages are printable and provide automatic diagnostic analysis and highly accurate wheel balance results making it easier to show customers exactly what type of service work that is recommended to be performed.