Top Ten Tools: CV Automotive in Thousand Palms, CA

Shop Information:
CV Automotive
Thousand Palms, CA
Owned by Scott Bradshaw
CV Automotive is a typical general repair facility that works on all makes and models, but specializes in trucks and vehicle restorations. Bradshaw believes that the tools in his arsenal allow him to fix practically any problem any vehicle can throw at him.
The shop's Top Ten Tools:
  1. Snap-on Modis scan tool with both European and Heavy Duty software packages: "This one makes me the most money. I do a lot of Ford F350s, F450s and F550s. I diagnose a lot of their transmission and driveability problems with this."
  2. Redline Smokepro smoke machine: "Every single vehicle that comes in here gets smoked. This is California, evap leaks appear every couple of years."
  3. Power Probe II: "I can induce power and ground and I can make stuff function. It's a real quick way to diagnose things."
  4. Snap-on Chain wrench: "It's great for holding power steering pulleys, you can put them on in about two seconds."
  5. Radiator hose/spring clamp pliers: "This will make your day 'incredible.' It quickly pulls open a heater hose clamp so you can slide it off quickly and it doesn't snap back."
  6. OTC Ford Cam Tool Assortment: "Worth every bit of money. I must have done 50 tensioners and guides, and three cam phasers with this."
  7. Cornwell/OTC Ball Joint Assortment: "I use this on a lot of Ford trucks. I beat this thing. They work using pressure, my father years back taught me, 'Pressure is your best friend.'"
  8. Hunter P411 Alignment Machine: "I do all the alignments for a tire shop and they do all my tires at cost. It also helps that my best friend sold it to me for only a thousand dollars!"
  9. Robinair A/C machine: "I can't live without that thing. That's my best friend in the world. We do A/C all year, here."
  10. Carolina Industrial Equipment Bearing Press: "I press everything. Not only wheel bearings, but we rebuild differentials as well."