Big-Time Boxes: Scott Bradshaw

Toolboxes carry a lot of meaning at CV Autoworks in Thousand Palms, CA. Scott Bradshaw, owner, followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a technician. His father, a tech for a police department, was so appreciated that they gave him a set of golden tools after 20 years on the job.

Scott looked up to his father. In fact, at age 14 Scott made his first tool purchase on a Snap-on truck in order to buy his dad a Christmas gift.

Now, many years later, Scott has his own repair shop and he hasn't forgotten his father's influence on his choice of a career. The golden tools from the police department and other gifts given to his father now reside in a mini toolbox.

That mini toolbox has a father/son story of its own. Scott was given the box as a gift from his Snap-on manager. His son then asked him for it because he wanted to have one like his dad. When Scott’s son grew up, Scott “inherited” the mini toolbox. He put it in the front office of his shop and now uses it to store mementos.

“The tiny toolbox is fully functional,” Scott explains. “This was my son’s. He had to have the same toolbox that his dad had, but in miniature.”

Just like the small-time box, Scott's big-time box also carries a father/son theme. When his regular toolbox fell apart because it was overfilled with tools, the manufacturer stood by its lifetime warranty and gave him a refund. Scott dreamed of having a large white toolbox modeled after his father’s old box. Kyle Rounds, Scott’s Matco Tools salesman, offered him the opportunity to make his dream a reality.

The new box is worth $20,000 and may need a tow truck to move it, but it was custom-built and colored to be just like Scott's father's box. All of the shop’s hand tools and equipment are stored in this large Matco box. Even though the Matco box is white, it is in immaculate condition because he has his employee clean it regularly.

So, the toolboxes at CV Autoworks are more than merely a big-time and small-time toolbox. They are a testimony to three generations of Bradshaws in the automotive repair industry. And if the size of Scott’s white Matco toolbox portends anything, things will keep on getting better and bigger.