Tech Tip: New technologies in 3D imaging assist with balancing

The John Bean RFV 2000 Automated Diagnostic Wheel Balancer features new 3D imaging technology to assist technicians with wheell balancing. This method uses five optical cameras to obtain a comprehensive 3D image of a tire and wheel assembly from inside the rim edge, complete inner sidewall, tread face, outer sidewall and rim edge.

This 3D image provides "at the balancer" diagnostics not formerly available to the technician. The RFV 2000 automatically identifies wheel surface issues such as bulges, flat spots and cuts and also identifies tread depth and drivability issues. In one complete spin cycle, the patented optical imaging predicts if tire and wheel harmonics will interact with suspension harmonics to create vehicle vibrations.

The images are complimented with diagnostic messages that guide the technician to the best recommended repair procedures. The user can also print the images diagnostics report and share it with to the customer so they understand the recommended repairs. Other features include the ability to perform tire matching and fast balances if only balance is required.