A Guide For Implementing Cost Reduction

How to apply basic process improvement principles to increase maintenance productivity and reduce costs

Ed Stanek, Jr., is co-owner/president, and Tibor L. Jung is co-owner/vice president, of LAI Reliability Systems, (www.laireliability.com). The company, which works globally, has been specializing in results driven asset management and reliability solutions since 1976. It has pioneered cutting edge reliability and asset management tools such as PM Optimization (PMO), Planning & Scheduling Work Management Simulation, Overall Maintenance Effectiveness (OME) and Reliability Fusion. With a focus on maintenance and reliability systems for more than 26 years, Stanek has worked extensively on all aspects of process optimization. Combining the concepts of constraint management, Lean and reliability, he has redefined how maintenance optimization and continuous improvement are implemented. Jung has over 27 years of experience in the field of maintenance and reliability improvement. His expertise in optimizing key production, maintenance and reliability processes allows him to provide more holistic solutions to clients’ needs, with the focus on greater reliability to “get more product out the door” and lower costs.

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