In Focus: Launch Tech Launch Pad

Launch Tech USA’s Launch Pad offers the benefits of a tablet with the strength of the Launch diagnostic platform. With a Windows 7 operating system, multiple applications can be utilized simultaneously. The user can perform wireless-to-the-vehicle diagnostics, graph and record PID data, and use online repair databases all at the same time. Add-on modules allow for future adaptability, such as J2534 reprogramming and a lab scope. Also included is a free, 30-day trial of Identifix’s Direct-Hit, which notifies the technician of vehicle-specific repair information and known fixes automatically, right on the screen.

Selling points

  • True PC-based diagnostic scan tool running Windows 7.
  • Multiple applications can be run simultaneously.
  • Expandability with add-ons such as a sensor simulator, battery tester, J2534 pass-thru programming and four-channel lab scope.
  • Free 30-day trial of Identifix Direct-Hit which provides VIN-based automatic troubleshooter and repair information – right in the Launch Pad.
  • Scan tool tablet comes with a built-in printer.
  • Connector features LPT (large packet transfer) technology. Data communication speed is optimized between the vehicle and the Launch Pad, offering the fastest and most stable wireless diagnostics experience in the industry, according to the company.

Features and benefits

The Launch Pad diagnoses driveability issues and also aids in repair and maintenance procedures that require bi-directional controls and coding.

With the optional add-ons, the Launch Pad offers OE pass-thru programming capabilities.

To help make a technician’s job easier and lead to increased productivity, and ultimately more profit for the shop, the Launch Pad has the capability, with the use of Identifix’s Direct-Hit, to automatically offer VIN-based repair information and known fixes that are specific to the vehicle being worked on right in the scan tool, thus speeding up the diagnosis and repair of the vehicle.


The Launch Pad is used to diagnose driveability issues. It can also be used to perform bi-directional controls and module coding. With the optional add-ons, it also serves as a sensor simulator, lab scope, J2534 pass-thru device and battery tester.

Typical repairs include check engine diagnosis, intermittent issues diagnosis, coding of modules that were replaced (such as airbag and control units), and service and maintenance resets.


The Launch Pad came from an idea to offer today’s modern technician one platform for both a personal mobile tablet PC and a diagnostic scan tool.


  • Made in China, with global R&D.
  • Weighs less than 4 lbs.

Storage and display

The Pad is shipped as a single unit, in a protective case.

Product demonstrations

Demo software is installed in the tool. Additionally, the tool can also be registered and updated with full software coverage for use as a full demo, and then reset before 45 days.

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