Heavy Truck Technology 2020

Major market and technology developments driving changes in heavy duty truck technology over the next seven years.

Spoilers, boat-tails, fairings and skirts – Offering fuel economy increases of more than seven percent, these aerodynamic devices show results only in over-the-road application. Primarily aftermarket items today, nearly all will be OEM options soon. Vehicle control in high winds and maximized spray suppression may be a major benefit of new approaches.

Tires – Minimizing tire contact with the road already has been shown to increase fuel efficiency by about 0.5 MPG (around 6 percent). Coupled with the weight saving and smooth drivability, continued R&D investment by tire companies is assured.

Bill Wade is managing partner of Wade & Partners, a marketing and consulting firm that focuses on the North American automotive and heavy duty aftermarkets. www.wade-partners.com.

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