Tool Review: Mueller Kueps Wheel Hub Grinder

The Mueller Kueps Wheel Hub Grinder Type 1 includes a special grinder for cleaning the wheel centering device as well as the attachment area between wheel and hub. This tool allows technicians to completely remove burned-in corrosion residues in a quick and easy process. Actual process time per hub only takes about 3 to 25 seconds, depending on residue thickness.

The review

Tom Karagianis, owner of Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, WI, thought the Mueller Kueps Wheel Hub Grinder worked well, and he was able to quickly buff out rust and smooth the surface for brake work.

“This tool is used for German cars without studs,” explained Tom. “All the German cars come with no studs. When you get rust on the hub, you should clean it off. That’s what this tool does.

“It’s important to get the rust off behind the brake rotor, because you want a smooth surface when you’re starting over with fresh brakes.”

Tom explained users can attach the wheel hub grinder to a number of power tools in the shop, including a cordless drill or die grinder.

“Works great. I’ve used it on about 20 cars, and it’s barely worn at all,” said Tom. “It’s a great tool to have.”

“I think it’s going to last a long time. It’s barely even worn. This abrasive on it is really tough.”

Tom has used the Wheel Hub Grinder on a number of German and Swedish makes and models, including VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, SAAB and Volvo. “Any of the studless brake hub rotor designed (vehicles).”