The Untapped Potential Of RFID Technology For Accurate Inventory Visibility

How to use RFID to reduce inventory management time and expense

The vast majority of RFID deployments today are led by experienced vendors and integrators. Due to the complexity and variability of solution components, you need to look for – and ultimately work with – reputable companies that offer a variety of tag and reader options, a strong ecosystem of partners, demonstrated results and positive customer references.

While RFID is still in its infancy within fleet-based operations, opportunities abound. With RFID technology costs steadily decreasing as adoption continues to grow, fleet managers can look to successful deployments in asset management, warehouse and yard management for best practices that can help inspire their own companies to invest in RFID and realize the enormous returns.

John Rommel is the senior manager of RFID channel development for Motorola Solutions (, a leading provider of leading edge, mission-critical communication products and services for enterprise and government customers.

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