Tool Review: Matco Tools 90-Tooth Combo Ratcheting Wrench Set

The Matco 7 and 9 Series Ratcheting Wrenches offer an improved ratcheting wrench design that includes a 15-degree knuckle offset and best-in-class swing arc for enhanced performance that saves knuckles and grants easy access to small, confined spaces.

The 72-tooth 7 Series delivers a 5-degree swing arc and the 90-tooth 9 Series delivers a 4-degree swing arc. The 9 Series also includes an anvil drive box end and an exlusive non-slip open end that works in both directions without reversing the wrench. Both sets are forged of high carbon alloy steel and full polish finish, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

The review

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN, tried out the Matco Tools S9GRCM12 90-Tooth Combo Ratcheting Wrench Set.

Lou was satisfied with the amount of drives and fasteners he could access with the wrenches, including 6-point, 12-point, spline, torx, square drive and 50-percent rounded fasteners. He appreciated the gripping power of the open ends of the wrenches “without having to flip the wrench over.”

He also liked the extra clearance with a 15-degree offset and the smaller head design, compared to his other ratcheting wrench sets.

In addition, the ratcheting wrenches were acommodating to fasteners not specific to the size Lou was working on. “One quick example would be using the 13mm box end on a 1/2" bolt head without slipping off or damage,” said Lou.

Lou also mentioned that the wrench’s screw head was visible on the side of the box end. Because he didn’t have to flip the wrench over while using, this feature “makes for quick identification regarding direction of rotation.”

He found many useful applications where some of his other tools wouldn’t work, including a Toyota 4 Runner and a Dodge truck.

“I have used the ratcheting box end of these wrenches in places my other brand of wrench wouldn’t fit. Such as removing the driveshafts from a Toyota 4 Runner, there isn’t enough room to use a socket on these, so two wrenches are a must. Now that I have these S9GRCM12’s I can remove the bolts twice as fast.

“I also enjoyed the gripping power of the open end holding the hex of a ‘stud bolt’ on the rear differential speed sensor of a Dodge truck when the top nut was so tight it was turning the whole bolt.”

Lou commented that hand tool technology, including ratcheting wrenches like this set, has advanced quite a bit over the last three decades.

“Having a box end that works on so many different types of fastener heads with such a short swing arc paired with an open end that has serious gripping power put them in a league few can compete in.”

Overall, Lou liked the S9GRCM12 ratcheting wrench set. “They are a high quality, robust and versatile wrench. The lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt either.”