Play "add-on" with every sale

I got irritated one day when a shoe salesman was pushing a bag of socks on me when I was in a hurry. That's when it hit me: "What happens if only half the people buying shoes that day bit on his bag of socks? How many incremental sales will he generate by doing nothing more than making a suggestion?"

he tech steps onto your truck and buys a set of A/C gauges that he saw in your sales flyer. Now it's time for me to quit thanking that guy and patting him on the back as he leaves. It's time for me to quit generating sales for my competition. It's time for me to start selling!

The lady at the fast food restaurant would offer up a side-can tap or an A/C sniffer, maybe a dye injector or an A/C thermometer.

The next customer steps up and buys an air ratchet. He came to buy that, you just helped him pick which one he would take with him. Now, here is where the car rental person would add the whip hose, air tool oil, a set of sockets, some extensions. Don't let the next truck complete your sale. Have a game plan!

When you place an order for an item,THINK of other items that a customer might want to go along with it. Set your truck up to play "add-on" with every sale.

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