Is your thinking about the service and repair of commercial vehicles outdated?

The focus needs to change

“Likewise, things can move faster when fleets work with service providers they already know and trust. The more companies work together, the more people already know what needs to be done. No decisions are faster than the ones made in advance, and with rules, limits and preferences in place, things can hustle right along.”

But large fleets can have thousands of potential service providers in their databases, Delaney said. Many are not known or trusted, aren’t connected to any of a fleet’s systems and have different ways to doing things, all of which creates complexity, confusion and cost.

“Much of the time it takes to get equipment through outside shops can be spent just getting on the same page and ready to do work. Strangers collaborate as best they can by phone asking questions or by leaving messages to ask questions.”

New Tools and Technologies

The service providers that will be successful as time goes on will be those that adapt new tools and technologies to serve their customers the way customers want it done, asserted Delaney. That involves getting “wired” electronically with fleets for improvements in speeding the repair process. This results in reduced costs for both parties, plus the elimination of costly misunderstandings.

“We use the latest technology in our personal lives. Why do we settle for old methods and tools in our work?

“Technology allows us to be better, faster and more efficient at the same time,” he continued. “But it allows us to do something else that may offer the most important advantage of all. It allows us to be consistent.

“People are unique. Technology driven processes aren’t. Only processes, not people, can create consistency.

“If franchises like McDonald’s can create a culture of consistency around a $4 happy meal, surely we can drive more consistency into working on $150,000 trucks?

“New technology,” he concluded, “allows us to do a lot more with the same resources.”

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