What's the difference between a standard air gun and a ball valve with open pipe?

Q: Doesn't a ball valve with open pipe produce more power than a standard air gun?

A: There are some guns that produce more power and thrust than a ball valve with open pipe - specifically, air guns with a venturi nozzle.

The venturi nozzle features one main orifice and two side port orifices. The side ports are actually drawing in more air from the outside and pushing it through the main orifice, thus amplifying the amount of air at the tip compared to an open pipe with one primary orifice.

At the same time, the two side port orifices serve as relief valves should the tip become blocked; whereby meeting the OSHA regulation of not having more than 30 psi coming out at tip when blocked. This gives users the opportunity to have more power with safety features that meet OSHA regulations. 

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