Drag races: You should be there. Here's why.

Performance and promotion: That’s what drag racing is all about.

If the rumble of a 7,000-hp engine doesn’t send shivers up your spine, the dollars and cents of what drag racing means to your business will. If your income depends on having the best tools on hand, having a team that knows how to use them and how to work together, then you need to be plugged into the drag racing scene.

I may be new as editor of Professional Tool & Equipment News; but, I’ve worked in business-to-business trade publishing long enough to know that in any service business performance and promotion equal power and profits.

Those who attended the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis last month got to see, first-hand, what torque wrenches and impact guns the pit crews use to disassemble and reassemble some of the most powerful engines in the world and keep them running at optimum performance.

Drag racing is about optimum tool performance as much as anything, so it’s your business we’re talking about here.

The function of the pit crew is no different than any auto repair shop; the same business metrics apply. Only the stakes are higher, with race purses as high as $100,000.

And no event gives tool suppliers a better forum to promote their products than drag races. The race track features a continuous parade of brands for everything a shop owner uses. Astute shop owners don’t miss out on the giveaways their suppliers offer for these events. Suppliers give away tickets galore to these events – for you and your customers.

For those of us whose livelihoods depend on optimizing the efficiency of an automotive repair shop, drag races are an opportunity to learn ways to improve performance and to take advantage of supplier promotional opportunities. You need to be plugged in.

If you missed the fun in Indianapolis, check it out at www.vehicleservicepros.com/10777238.