Tool Review: Digitool Solutions Portable Torque and Angle Meter

The Digitool Solutions Portable Torque and Angle Meter is a simple-to-use, digital readout device that displays real-time torque values in any of the three torque units: ft/lbs, in/lbs and Nm. This tool can conveniently be used with any current ratcheting wrenches (regardless of the length), breaker bars or sliding T-handle tools.

Features include a  five-alphanumeric digit LCD display, a rechargeable li-ion battery that holds up to 300 hours of continuous use, three-light LED/tone/vibration notification system and ratcheting angle memory. Three modes available: Track, Peak or Angle, with a charging adapter included. 

The review

Tom Karagianis, owner of Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, WI, found the Portable Torque and Angle Meter very accurate, and easy to use. 

"It beeps when it gets to the torque that you want," says Tom. "And if you’re in a loud shop and you can’t hear it, a light turns on when it beeps too." The tool also vibrates to indicate the set torque has been reached, which can be helpful in noisy environments. 

Tom demonstrated how to set the torque on the digital LCD display, explaining the angle limit can be set anywhere between 5 degrees and 360 degrees -- a full turn. 

"When you’re in tight spaces, such as inside of an engine compartment doing cylinder heads or intake manifolds or main bearings or rod bearings, it’s easy to get at. It’s a half-inch drive. Very handy tool. Much better than earlier (digital torque and angle meter) designs."

Tom appreciated that the unit came with its own charger, that charges "just like your cell phone charger." 

"It tells you when its charged and it shuts off by itself, so it doesn’t drain the battery."

Tom didn't have any improvements for the tool.

"Great design. Turns off by itself. Comes with a charger, just like your cell phone. Easy to use. Charges fast."