Tools Improve Performance; Are You The Best Customer Resource?

The changing weather, a national election and a new selling season all create new excitement and a host of distractions. At the risk of adding to the melee, let me introduce myself, your new editor. As a longtime business-to-business editor at Cygnus Business Media, I bring a nuts and bolts view from the trenches of business life.

But enough about me. Today’s business realities raise the bar for all service providers. And no service business is more about service than mobile tool distributors. The technicians that keep our country’s vehicles moving need the tools that this magazine’s readership delivers like no other group of providers.

Did someone mention technology?

Just as your customers are using wireless diagnostic scanners, many of you are using mobile phones to help customers find product information on the Internet. This is important, since your competitors (other tool trucks, big box stores and Internet merchants) are using mobile devices to reach your customers with special offers and the convenience of placing orders online.

Yes, technology changes the playing field. Competitors who are adept at making their offerings known to more people faster challenge us to be even better than we are in every conceivable way.

But no other sales venue can replicate the convenience the tool truck provides to the millions of technicians for whom productive shop minutes can be measured in monetary value. There is nothing that can replace the knowledgeable salesperson who can answer questions, face to face, about products.

Professional Distributor and are here to inform you on ways to meet the challenges of a changing industry. I welcome any suggestions on how we can do a better job.