Get excited, make sales

It's hard to imagine long-time customers buying something so basic as a set of wrenches, but Ed Nolan tells his customers that they're different from anything he's seen before and he gets really excited. This is how he sells Mac's new Precision Torque brand of combination wrenches. 

"I got really excited about them, and in this business if you're excited about something, you'll sell it. Guys pick up on your excitement … I've sold more of these in the past two or three years than I sold sets of (other) wrenches over my whole career. I've got guys buying the whole set, trading in their old wrenches, even other brands."

It does not hurt to use some of these tools yourself, whether that be on your own truck or wherever. Customers tend not to by tools, but rather their salesman's confidence in the product akin to how a customer buys the confidence of the repair shop in their auto repair, as opposed to the actual parts that fixed the car. Confidence and excitement sells.

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