Big-Time Boxes: DuWayne Porto


DuWayne Corto

Dreher Collision

Center East

Appleton, WI

DuWayne Corto takes pride in his work. In fact, he organizes and plans professional photoshoots of his handiwork. To live his dream, he’s invested plenty in his tools for the work he does as a heavy hit repair specialist in an auto body shop. And those tools need a serious toolbox.

Two years ago, he could not fit his tens of thousands of dollars worth of tools into his previous box. It was time for an upgrade. He went for a yellow Matco 5 Series that “if it were any taller or deeper I couldn’t reach the back of the drawers,” says Corto.

The box allows him immense flexibility in its organization, which makes his work day much easier. “It has dual-locker storage with the ability to place many drawers or shelves in any combination,” notes Corto. “This makes reaching for the right tool much quicker.”

Even though Corto finds it tough to discern which tool is his favorite, stating that “what’s my favorite tool is like asking which drowning child do I want saved,” he quickly recognizes which tool has proven to be his best investment.

“Forget about the price. Don’t put it off, buy the Matco cordless ratchet. When it comes to collision ‘R and R,’ this tool is the biggest money maker. Plus, there’s no more tripping over the hose.”

Corto has been a technician for 27 years, and when he started, he never envisioned he would make it as far in this business as he has. On the side, he works on hot rods where he also organizes photoshoots, complete with picking the model and every detail of the actual photography, including the model’s outfits. His box reflects his profession.

“I never thought I would own such a large box or purchase it brand new. I also never thought I would need a box that large that was completely full,” says Corto. He leaves us with the following wisdom: “Just tell your spouse that buying tools is not a necessity, but an incurable disease, and the only way to keep this disease at bay is to agree on the maximum amount of monthly payment that she will let you get away with.”