In Focus: Knipex TwinForce Diagonal Cutters

The Knipex TwinForce High Performance Diagonal Cutter, No. 73 71 180, features a patented, double-pivot design allows for superior two-stage cutting of hard materials. This tool is ideal tool for repetitive cutting work.

Features and benefits

  • Easily cuts all types of wire as well as steel tape. Cuts 50 percent easier than other high leverage diagonal cutters of the same length, according to the company.
  • Low cutting impact on tendons and muscles.
  • Perfect for both tough and very precise cutting applications.
  • The forged-in axles provide a high-degree of stability and durability.
  • Forged from chrome vanadium heavy duty steel; oil hardened.


The driving concept behind this product was to create a cutter with a joint that had two pivots. This increases the transmission of force and makes reapplying the tool easy and efficient. The ideal tool for repetitive cutting, each cutting repetition reduces the effort required to achieve the ultimate cut. Reapplying with the Knipex TwinForce allows the user to cut materials that cannot be cut with comparable diagonal cutters of the same length.


The TwinForce High Performance Diagonal Cutter is forged from chrome vanadium steel. Made in Germany.


  • Medium / hard wire: 3/16"
  • Hard wire: 1/8"
  • Piano wire: 1/8"

Selling points

The 7" TwinForce Diagonal Cutter cuts like a 10" because of the new and patented double-pivot design. The tool can even cut 1/8" hard wire without great effort when reapplied two or three times.

  • Double-pivot design makes reapplying the tool easy.
  • Two forged-in axles for increased stability and zero-backlash.
  • Forged from chrome vanadium heavy duty steel.

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