Repair Them Or Junk Them?

County of Fresno Fleet Services Division shares how they handled this quandary

It was decided to incorporate AssetWorks’ FuelFocus – a real-time automated fuel management system – on the new mobile service trucks. The system will help improve accountability for assets pumped from the service trucks, lower overall fuel expenditures, reduce “shrinkage” – waste and abuse – through automated fuel dispensing and provide timely fuel consumption data, says Moore.

FuelFocus processes the transfer, receipt and issue of all fuel. When integrated with AssetWorks’ FleetFocus fleet management software, data captured by FuelFocus is added in real-time into a single, centralized database, saving time and improving accuracy.

Fresno County had its FuelFocus hardware and software configured as a Vehicle Data Collector (VDC) to gather dispensing information, he explains. Using a radio frequency (RF) antenna, the VDC wirelessly transmits directly into Fleet Services’ FleetFocus maintenance database.

The data collected by the FuelFocus Mobile Fuel Controllers is transmitted any time one of the four mobile fueling and service trucks passes within the wireless collection points’ transmission radius of about 500 feet at the fueling locations where the trucks normally assigned. The information is transmitted instantly, without human intervention or action, Kerns adds.

Prior to the decision to go with the FuelFocus automated fuel management system, Fleet Services worked with Fresno County’s IT department to establish the functionality of the system, how well it would work with the current fleet maintenance and management software systems and if it would it meet the operational needs of the PW department, says Moore.


The first step in the replacement process was to decide upon the specifications and requirements for the mobile fueling and service trucks, Kerns says. While the basic parameters to meet the needs of the Public Works Department were known, Fleet Services personnel sought input from all stakeholders, including the drivers of the trucks. The personnel also looked at various makes and models of service trucks.

The objective of all this, he notes, was to gather essential information in order to design an optimum vehicle and body configuration that would serve the needs of the public works department for today and for the next 15 years - the intended lifecycle of the new trucks.

Next, the specs and requirements for the trucks were developed. This was a massive undertaking, according to Kerns, resulting in 10-plus pages of details that were included in the bidding process. Being a government entity, Fresno County uses a formal bidding process that begins with Request for Proposals (RFPs) or Requests for Quotations (RFQs).

Work on the project began in February 2011. The RFQs went out five months later in July. The closing date for the bidding process was August 3, 2011.

Among the specs outlined: setback front axle Model Year 2011 chassis with a gross vehicle weight of approximately 37,000 pounds; front suspension rated at 14,600 pounds; rear leaf spring suspension rated at 23,000 pounds; trailer towing provision; CARB Certified diesel engine rated at 270 hp at 2,000 rpm and 860 ft/lbs of torque at 1,300 rpm with an engine brake; six-speed automatic transmission; and 12 R 22.5 16-ply tires.

There were also comprehensive specs and requirements for the interior and exterior of the cab.

Just as thorough were the requirements and specs for the service truck body, starting with the design and layout of the body, tanks and equipment, based on a step-down and drop-side design with mild steel construction of 10 gauge or heavier. Other particulars included LED lighting; equipment for diesel fuel service, chassis grease service, oil service, gasoline service, water service, drain oil service, air service and pressure wash service; hydraulic system; and work lights and storage.

The contract was awarded to Fresno Truck Center, a full-service Freightliner and Western Star commercial truck dealer in Fresno, CA ( The contract was for a 2012 Freightliner M2 106 chassis combined with a Dean Industrial Enterprises truck service body. The Fresno-based company, the leading lubrication method specialists in the Western United States, has been custom designing, assembling and servicing lube service trucks for more than 50 years (

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