Answers to A/C Service Questions

Should I tool up for R-1234yf? Is there special equipment I need for hybrids? Answers to these questions and more.

You can use a temperature gun to employ this strategy on an A/C system, but you have to be careful with your aim. For example, the temperature of the cooling fins on a condenser are much different than the hot pipes beneath.

Thermal imaging or having very good aim with a temperature gun is more useful in finding partial blockages than complete blockages. A complete blockage can make it very hard to figure out whether the compressor is dead in the water or something else is rendering it useless, simply because if refrigerant flow is stopped, pressures are affected universally. That’s why no job should be under warranty unless the expansion valve and receiver dryer are replaced. A shop should not take liability over things that are not testable to a degree of 100 percent accuracy. There will always be a gray area with A/C, and a customer should understand that.

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