Tool Review: Wera Kraftform Plus Screwdrivers

Wera's Kraftform Plus 300-series screwdrivers enable a higher transfer of force with less effort, relieving strain on the hand and arm even during intensive use. The Kraftform Plus 300-Series includes the following profiles: slotted, cross recess (Phillips and Pozidriv), TORX, TORX PLUS, hexagon socket, hexagon headed bolts, screws and nuts, square socket, TRI-WING and TORQ-SET. They're available in a variety of lengths from stubby screwdrivers to 250mm blades.

The Kraftform stainless and Kraftform Plus screwdrivers feature Lasertip technology to help prevent tool slippage. The extremely rough tip surface "bites" into the screw head ensuring that the screwdriver is held securely in the screw. As a result there is less cam-out effect, especially on Phillips head screws, so less axial pressure is required to keep the tool engaged in the screw. 

The review

The Kraftform Plus 300-series screwdrivers were reviewed by Lou Fort, Lead Tech at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN.

Lou hung the mounting rack supplied with the screwdrivers to the "Slot and Dot" panel on his toolbox hutch, putting the tools at arm's reach rather than in a drawer.

"There is no set up if you don't want to use the rack, but I like the rack personally." He said the setup was easy, and he also liked the package. "The box has a nice look to it, the clear front allowing you to see what is inside is a plus."

As for the tools themselves, Lou commented on several features. "The tips on all but the '0.5' straight blade have anti-cam out serrations. Those serrations make these screwdrivers bite into the screw rather than try and climb out.

"The handles fit nicely in my hand and allow for putting plenty of power into the turn without hurting my hand. There is also a nice size hex at the very base of the handle; one could put a wrench to it for even more added power if needed."

Lou said he was surprised that the small spade blade did not have the anti-cam out serrations. When asked what he would change about the tool, he said, "The size and tip type makings on the handles are hard to see at arm's reach. Having just the tip style marking two to three times larger would be helpful."

Although he had never heard of Wera Tools before, Lou gave these screwdrivers a very high rating. "9-1/2 out of 10. I have to take off a half point for not having the anti-cam out on the small spade driver. Short of that, this is a nice set of screwdrivers that should provide years of trouble-free use."