Meet with other local distributors

Every Friday morning, some local "MAC guys," including Brian Davis, meet for a 6 a.m. breakfast to bounce ideas off each other, such as "What have you found in the marketplace? What is selling? What isn't?"

Davis started the weekly meeting as a part of a mentor program. He mentored six industry newcomers for MAC in 2006, and thought breakfast would be a great way for the rookies to meet a few of the veterans.

The casual meetings slowly evolved into a weekly think tank and inventory swap. "If you need an item for a customer or you want to add something, your inventory just grew seven times. We spend the first 15 to 30 minutes swapping inventory," Davis says of the warehouses on wheels.

"Camaraderie, team building, learning best business practices, sharing successes; these meetings bring up a wide spectrum of conversations. Everything from skip accounts to collection agencies … it's very beneficial," says MAC District Manager Ty Van Driel. "If Davis can breed good distributors around him, it only helps improve his business."

Brian Davis was featured in the December 2006 issue of Professional Distributor. Read his full story


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