Tool Review: IPA Air Comb

The Innovative Products of America Air Comb Filter and Radiator Cleaner completely cleans cylindrical and round-type air filters, radiators and condensers, and can be used for other hard-to-reach applications. The Air Comb provides a focused high-pressure output and long-reach, 90-degree, multi-port air flow. The Air Comb Filter and Radiator Cleaner (Nos. 8050-8053) is available in 12”, 24”, 36” and 48” lengths.

The review

Tom Karagianis, Owner of Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, WI, said the IPA Air Comb allowed him to clean out condensers and radiators more easily, and gave him better access to pinpoint what he was cleaning.

“(The Air Comb) is longer so you can get at the lower part of the air conditioner condensers and part of radiators, without taking them all out.”

Although Tom replaces many of the air filters that come through his shop, he thought the Air Comb would be particularly useful for truck fleets, when the air filter doesn’t always need to be replaced, but may need to be cleaned.

“Its more of a heavy duty application, where circular air filters are used, for the condensers and the radiators.”

He also suggested that the Air Comb would be great for shops working in dusty conditions, such as agricultural applications.

“In a dusty atmosphere, where you don’t want to replace your circular air filters all the time. A lot of tractors use those round air filters.”

Prior to having this tool, Tom said he would use a hose to clean out radiators or A/C condensers. He advised that with the Air Comb, shops can utilize shop air without the high pressure of a blow gun.

“And you don’t really want to take a pressure washer to it, because it’s going to wreck (the filter or condenser).

“The high pressure air, blowing sideways, works much better than a (water) hose. Especially because it’s longer,” says Tom. “You don’t really have a long-reach hose.”

Tom recognized that the tool was new to market, and liked the innovativeness of the product.

“It’s something that you need, but it’s something that you’re not going to use every day.”