Tool review: NAPA 3/8" Super Duty Intimidator Ratchet

Napa offers the 3/8” Super Duty Intimidator ratchet, No. NPT 6-1127, part of the Pro Power Series. Features include an adjustable exhaust, a variable speed trigger, 110 ft/lbs of maximum torque and 100 ft/lbs of working torque, a comfort grip, full cage gearing and a lightweight composite body.

The review

Gary Miller, technician at Reliable Auto Repair in Fort Atkinson, WI, tested out the NAPA Intimidator ratchet.

Gary found that the ratchet had quite a bit of power, and he used it for different jobs on brakes, water pumps, struts, changing a steering column and more.

One feature he pointed out in particular was the adjustable exhaust feature.

“I like the exhaust on it, where you can change the direction of the exhaust so it doesn’t blow in your face in certain spots.”

Overall, Gary really liked the tool and thought it saved him time by not having to use multiple tools to complete some of his work.

“It saves you time from having to switch to a breaker bar, or something else, to break a bolt loose, and then having to return to the ratchet," says Gary. "You can pretty much get what you need to with this tool all by itself.”

Gary mentioned that he uses the tool often.

“I would say its pretty close to daily. I might use it four times per week.”