Offer "dogs" instead of a discount

In the dog days of summer use your "dogs" to close the sale.

Every one of you has an assortment of slow-moving products that just don’t sell well, or at all.

Sometimes you can send them back to your supplier for credit, but most people just never seem to get around to doing it ... do you?

Give this a try:  Instead of a discount, offer a "dog" (aka the slow-moving product), as a closing tool to get that big sale.

Customer: "I like that new (Widget ABC). Can you give me a better price?"

You: (Do not answer with a "no") "What I can do, since my margins are tight on this product, is give you this (dog) as a thank-you for giving me your business … OK?”

(Now, be quiet. Don't say a word until your customer responds to your question.)

This helps you with your slow-moving inventory and to keep your prices up where they should be.

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