Trailer Frame And Axle Maintenance Issues

Improper alignment and maintenance will adversely affect the safety, performance and functional aspects of vehicles, having negative consequences for operating costs

2. Straightness (not to be confused with axle camber)

  • Signs that a bent beam problem exists are excessive or premature tire wear.
  • Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for straightness requirements.

3. Spindle

  • Cracks: If found, replace the axle immediately. Repairs are not allowed. Do not use outside spindle repair contractors.
  • Scratches, rust, pitting:

- Polish or sand with an emery or crocus cloth.

- If 50 percent or more of the spindle surface has visible scratches, rust or pitting, an immediate replacement of the axle is required.

- Do not reduce the diameter of the journal beyond the axle manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Threads: Repair damaged threads with the correct die.

“When developing your inspection and maintenance schedules, always refer to the axle and component manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that you do not void your warranty,” stresses King. “In addition, the TMC Recommended Practice Manual highlights best practices for trailer axle maintenance.”

This information is for quick-reference purposes only, and is in an abbreviated form, King points out.

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