Reward good customer behavior

Last week Phil Sasso wisely suggested that you change your giveaways often and use tools or tool related items. (Read his tip here.)

If you take his great suggestion and give it some thought, I am sure your supplier has some super giveaway or low-priced items that will remind your customer of you much more than a gift certificate to the Olive Garden.  How about company branded Bottle Openers… they are useful, inexpensive and every time they open that cold brew they will think of you and your company.  How about BBQ tools? Excellent for summer!

But use these giveaways wisely.  Don’t just be the Goody-Bar man handing out bottle openers to just everybody.  Here’s some ideas:

"Here Joe, is a cool X##@? Bottle opener. Thank you for the tool purchase last week!"

"Here Joe….thank you for always being on time with your payments. I really appreciate it."

"Joe… if you go ahead with this new screwdriver set today I will give you this cool BBQ set to use at home this weekend…..OK?"

Use your promotion dollars wisely to thank a customer or close a sale.

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