Tips For Selecting Work Gloves

How technicians can get the perfect fit and proper hand protection

Building a glove from the base is truly a work of art as much as it is an engineering feat. New technology creates a hurdle with cost, and it's important to recognize the features that work best for the type of application.


Maximizing individual safety and productivity has led to specialty hand protection utilizing unique features designed to protect workers performing specific tasks. Furthermore, task specific hand protection is becoming a mandatory piece of PPE (personal protective equipment) which has to meet specific standards for specific industries.

It is the responsibility of the PPE supplier to correctly classify their products and not overstate product features and performance ratings. This allows the individual or employer to carefully select the proper PPE.

Vehicle service professionals are exposed to significant risks whether they are diving into an engine bay, repairing braking systems, fixing trailer refrigeration units, dealing with fluids, balancing wheels, doing electrical work, and the list goes on and on.

As a technician, it is important to be conscious of the present hazards when considering a task specific work glove. Gloves designed for vehicle service type of work demand impact protection on the top of the hand, palm padding to reduce blisters and hand fatigue when wrenching, textured grip for handling tools, fingertip reinforcement, a snug fit for optimum comfort and dexterity, high abrasion resistant materials, heat resistance and chemical resistant coating when changing oil and other fluids.

Such features will not only protect the technicians hand, but will improve overall work performance by enabling the technician to work with more power and control.

Those who've experienced a hand injury – no matter how big or small, know that it can be extremely hindering. The purpose of specialty hand protection is to maximize individual safety and productivity when technicians are performing their jobs.

Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy. As the saying goes: "Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury."


Cory Houston works in the marketing department at Mechanix Wear, a company that makes high performance work gloves for automotive, racing, construction, industrial, safety, gardening, and home improvement.

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