What Is The Optimal Tool Cart?

It depends upon a number of considerations

- Liners. Simple six-pound foam is found in less expensive carts and non-slip material in the higher end carts. Some carts can be upgraded.

- Pry Bar/Screwdriver Storage. Some carts offer hanging/organizing space within the lid or as a side attachment.

- Welds/Steel Gauge/Stiffness. A fully welded design, such as a Snap-on 40 inch cart, is tested to endure a lifetime of use.

Required length of service is always an important consideration. The real yearly cost is the overall price divided by anticipated years of use. For example, a $1,000 cart that lasts 10 years ($100 per year) might be a better choice than a $600 cart that lasts three years ($200 per year).

- Color Palette and Paint. Normally powdercoat is more expensive and chemical-resistant, and higher end carts tend to offer more color options.

Jobs and tools come in different sizes and functions, distinctive to the various ways in which professional technicians work. Understanding the needs of the tool users and choosing carts with the technician and job in mind is the key to choosing the optimal cart for each unique situation. 

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