Tool Review: C.H. Hanson Automatic Locking Pliers

Developed from the Lockjaw line of tools the company acquired in 2009, the C.H. Hanson line of locking pliers, groove pliers and clamps automatically lock on any size without having to adjust the tool via a knob. The “Set & Forget” feature allows users to set the desired clamp pressure from slight to extreme, and the jaws of the tool automatically adjust to any size with equal grip pressure.

The review

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN, used this set of pliers at his shop. Lou liked the ease of use with the C.H. Hanson pliers, only having to use one hand to use the pliers when applying pressure or clamping force.

“Using this pair of pliers at the extreme end of its pressure limits doesn’t require two hands, or another tool, to pry them back open,” says Lou.

“I was able to adjust the clamping force one-handed while in use, I didn’t have to free up my other hand or remove the tool from it’s position like I would have with other types of locking pliers.”

Lou also mentioned that the pressure screw was easy to use as well.

“Setup is simple,” says Lou. “All you have to do is turn the pressure screw, located between the handles as opposed to on the end of the pliers.”

Lou’s two favorite features included the easy release mechanism on the pliers, and the adjustment screw.

He liked how easy it was to release the locking mechanism, which is located at the end of the handle. “This lever makes for effortless releasing once locked on.”

With the screw force adjustment mechanism, Lou says, “The screw is mounted in a way, making one-handed adjustment while in use.”

He used these locking pliers to make toe adjustments and “to hold studs while removing nuts that didn’t want to let go.”

On a scale of one through 10, Lou gave these pliers a “10.”

“They are very well-built, have excellent holding power, are easy to adjust and easier to unlock than any other locking pliers I own.”