How To Select The Proper Eye Protection For The Risk

The wrong choice can create an unintended consequence

For someone that wears prescription glasses, consider a model that is roomy enough to accommodate the glasses, or a model that accommodates a prescription lens insert.

Lastly, great advances have been made in lens coatings to offer anti-scratch and anti-fogging solutions. An eyeglass or goggle that has fogged up offers little to no safety, and very often becomes a worse hazard to the user, so a lens that offers a truly fog-free solution is our goal as a manufacturer.

Current lens coatings and cleaning products with anti-fog properties are a desirable feature to consider.

Not Just For Work

Eye injuries that occur off the job cost individuals and their employers billions of dollars each year in medical care and lost productivity.

As a manufacturer, Encon Safety Products has strived to offer a line of products that offers beyond compliance safety features to include style and comfort characteristics that will encourage the user to wear our products not just at work, but also at home and at play.

Whether you are servicing a 5,000-pound diesel engine, mowing your lawn, or enjoying a ride on your motorcycle or a cruise in your boat, we encourage you to make safety eyewear a part of your everyday life - for yourself, your family and your livelihood.


Cindi Naylor is the PPE business manager and Joe Martinez is a marketing manager for Encon Safety Products, a manufacturer of market-leading first-aid emergency shower and eyewash products, personal protective equipment, including safety eye wear, goggles and hearing protection, and hazardous-area storage cases for the protection and security of people, plant and equipment.

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