The Value in Event Sponsorship

Commercial vehicle technicians have a very demanding and challenging job. To remain proficient in what they do, they need to stay current on new vehicle technology, as well as remain up-to-date on the new tools and technology for repairing and maintaining trucks and equipment.

The TMCSuperTech2012 National Technician Skills Competition is a great program for these technicians to showcase their work and be acknowledged and rewarded for their skills and abilities.

At the same time, a number of companies and organizations find value in sponsoring and lending their support, in any way, to make sure this event is educational for technicians, as well as a valuable experience, says Nicole Alboushi, marketing manager for Imperial Supplies. Founded in 1958, the company is a national distributor of quality fleet maintenance products.

Imperial Supplies has been involved with the TMCSuperTech for many years, and is a Platinum Sponsor for the second year in a row.

The company decided to become a major sponsor for this event “because we pride ourselves on being fleet maintenance experts,” Alboushi explains. “A great way to become experts is to see our customers in action using tools and observing their knowledge of vehicle maintenance and repair products. By experiencing this first hand, we are able to find better and more efficient ways to serve their needs.

“What’s more, with an event like the TMCSuperTech, we can build stronger relationships with top technicians and have a chance to observe the best of the best.”


In addition to being a 2012TMCSuperTech Platinum Sponsor, Imperial Supplies is also a co-sponsor and creator of the Fasteners/Fastener Repair diagnostic skills station. This is one of the stations that make up the competition’s Hands-On Skills Challenge wherein competitors go through the series of stations that cover essential diagnostic skills.

Ken Waller, a senior product manager with Imperial Supplies, will be one of the judges organizing this year’s Hands-On Skills challenge.

Waller says participation with the TMCSuperTech is “a great opportunity to give back to the industry” where he began and improved as a technician, advancing in his career.

Like Waller, many product managers at Imperial Supplies enjoy getting involved with technician challenges. So far this year, the company has participated in state-level technician challenges in Florida, Arkansas and Indiana.

“We share our knowledge and our expertise on specific areas at these competitions,” says Alboushi. “All the while we also continue making what we do a learning process. We want to make sure we do everything within our capacity to make the technician’s job efficient and accurate.”