In Focus: AGS Company Hexforce Wrap-Around Wrench Set

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The AGS Company HFK-2 5-pc Hexforce Wrap-Around Wrench Set features a unique pivot/hinge/clamp action for 360-degree contact. This tool will not slip off, even on the most damaged hex surface. With socket-like gripping on captive fittings, these tools attach to standard 1/2” or 3/8” ratchet drive. This set contains the following wrench sizes:

  • 15/16” (23-24mm)
  • 13/16”-7/8” (21-22mm)
  • 3/4” (19-20mm)
  • 11/16” (17-18mm)
  • 5/8” (16mm)


The concept for this tool was developed by the company’s European tool designer as a way to get all the way around a captive fitting. A fitting that is inaccessible to a socket because of its unique installation location can be difficult to remove, especially if it has become rounded and worn. Many chassis, front-end and suspension components have fittings with this problem.

The Hexforce wraps itself around the fitting like a socket and provides a wrap-around grip on the fitting to help break it free. The Hexforce provides the distributor and the user with a unique solution to a common problem.


  • Made of Chrome Moly steel to meet and exceed ANSI/ASME torque requirements.
  • Packaged in EVA foam tray with a color-printed sleeve and shrink-wrapped.
  • Wrench size laser-etched in tool body for easy recognition.
  • Made in Taiwan.

Selling points

Hexforce tools have the slogan - “Fits like a wrench - grips like a socket” because these tools offer three times the gripping surface. The Hexforce provides a full wrap-around gripping surface that open-end wrenches cannot provide, even on captive fittings where sockets don’t work. Perfect for the professional installer working on chassis, suspension, alignment, front-end, air conditioning and tube nut applications. Worldwide patents pending.

  • Grips worn fittings and does not slip off.
  • Works where open-end wrenches fail.
  • Standard square-drive socket wrench can be attached.
  • Saves time removing worn, corroded, and rounded fittings.

Suggested retail price


For more information

Christian Byar

Director of Marketing

231-733-2101 ext. 3321