How to Organize Shops for Safety

Shops with good safety policies and systems outperform others in terms of productivity and financial performance

3. Maintain interest.

The supervisor plays an important role in creating and maintaining interest in a safety awareness program. A supervisor is responsible for translating management’s policies into action and for promoting safety activities directly among the employees.

It is the responsibility of management that the safety director and supervisors receive adequate safety training. Essentially, supervisors are directly accountable for the safety of their employees.

4. Create safety committees.

Safety committees play a key role in any safety program as they can help share the responsibilities of implementing and monitoring the program, plus maintain interest in safety and health, all of which helps to reduce accidents.

Safety committee membership should be rotated periodically, suggest the Grainger officials. “Rotation allows for new viewpoints while it increases the number of employees to look at operations through the eyes of safety.”

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