Tool review: PulseTech QuadLink battery charger multiplier

The PulseTech QuadLink battery charger multiplier turns any brand of 6V or 12V DC battery charger into a four-station maintenance charger. It automatically splits and distributes all of the charger’s output into 10-minute, sequenced charging events.

QuadLink can distribute charges to as many as four batteries of any technology, including AGM, gel-cell, VRLA inducing or deep cycle marine batteries, as well as standard automobile and truck batteries and small motorcycle/powersports batteries. Depending on the charger’s capability, the four-way switcher is capable of charging the batteries whether they are individually connected or connected as a group in a 24V, 36V or 48V series.

The tool is simple to use because a built-in microprocessor automatically adapts to the number of batteries being connected. It does not change the battery charger’s capability in any way; it simply splits the charger’s output to multiple batteries, one at a time. The charger remains in full control of the charging process for each battery.

The review

The QuadLink was reviewed by Eric Moore of DeMary Truck, a medium duty commercial truck dealer and service center in Columbus, OH.

The tool is capable of working with any type of battery or battery charger, but Eric used it on his own powersports equipment because, with a small collection of motorcycles and “wet bikes” (personal watercraft), that’s where he needs maintenance charging.

He said the tool saved time because he didn’t have to switch his only charger from one battery to the next. It also assured him that all the machines were ready to start at any time. The only setup required was installing the supplied leads on the batteries to be charged, plus making sure the tool would connect to the charger.

“The packaging says it’s compatible with any battery maintenance charger, but it must have the same connection, and they’re not the same on all chargers.” However it came with all the necessary connectors and jumper clips, and Eric says once they’re installed the tool is “plug and play.”

Eric pointed out that the instructions on the packaging and in the instruction manual did not agree, and he had to read the manual twice to understand the proper use of the tool. “The package says it’s compatible with any battery charger, but the instructions say it’s compatible with any battery maintenance charger.” That’s an important distinction because the QuadLink is designed for a maximum charging current of 8 amps.

He also said he extended the leads “so I can leave the batteries installed and charge them all without having to park the machines so close to each other.”

With an 8-amp maximum current rating, Eric says he probably wouldn’t use the QuadLink with bigger batteries, “but you could if you wanted to, like maybe ‘muscle cars' (that don't get driven much)." He also appreciates the ability to use it with higher voltages.

If you’re storing multiple vehicles of almost any type, this tool lets you use one charger to keep four similar batteries ready for duty.