Tool Review: Knipex Pliers Wrench

Knipex’s Pliers Wrench, No. 86 03 250, is designed for fastening, gripping, holding and bending. The push-button adjustment allows setting the jaw width to an infinite number of positions for quickly locking on to a variety of objects. The button prevents unintentional jaw shifting. This wrench features a self-ratcheting action, zero backlash under pressure and a 10-to-1 lever action ratio. It’s available in 6”, 7”, 10” and 12” sizes.

The review

The tool was reviewed by Eric Moore of DeMary Truck, a medium duty commercial truck dealer and service center in Columbus, OH. Eric told us the techs at his shop used the Knipex pliers as a ‘multi-tool.’ As pliers, they used the tool “to remove chrome lug nut covers. Sometimes it worked better than the tool originally made for that job.”

Techs tended to use the tool most often as a wrench, typically for removing banjo bolts from fuel lines.

In fact, Eric told us that because of the positive lock and smooth jaws, he uses this tool instead of an adjustable wrench. He’s owned two pair at home for several years now and says they’re “handy for working on my motorcycles, quick and easy as a back-up or holding wrench, making minor adjustments, installing battery bolts, things like that. I keep the smaller pair in my car, just in case.”

Techs in the truck shop were impressed with the high-quality finish of the metal and the plastic-coated handles, which made it easy for them to keep the tool clean (important for all gripping tools). They also appreciated the push-button adjustment and positive locking features.

Eric said the lack of teeth on the jaws is a mixed blessing. “That’s not really what you want in pliers because they don’t grip as firmly, but as a wrench it provides a firmer grip, allowing more leverage.” Even though the smooth jaws made it possible to remove the lug nut covers without scratching them, Eric suggested a diamond-cut finish on the jaws might improve the grip when used as pliers.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Eric gave the Knipex Pliers Wrench a 9. “It’s easy to use, easy to adjust to the proper size, easy to clean and good for many different applications.”


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