Tool Review: DeWALT Heat Gun Kit

The DeWALT Heat Gun Kit, No. D26960K, comes in a carrying case and includes 12 accessories for a variety of applications, including loosening bolts and applying or removing graphics/decals. The accessories and nozzles provide versatility for customizing the direction and intensity of heat flow. The heat gun itself has a temperature range of 150 to 1,100 degrees F, a high/low rocker switch for variable heat settings and an LCD display for easy temperature adjustment in 10-degree increments. Ergonomically designed, the heat gun weighs only 2.3 lbs.

The review

For this review, the heat gun was used by auto repair techs and body shop techs at Auto Tech & Body in Roselle, IL. Chuck Benhart, one of the two shop owners, told us the tool exceeded his expectations. “I didn’t have much faith in what looks like a blow dryer, but it makes a lot more heat than even our body shop heat gun.”

He was referring to the fact that the DeWALT heat gun is made of lightweight plastic as opposed to their steel heat gun. The heat level on this model is adjustable, and Chuck says the body shop techs like that feature for removing decals.

The kit has several attachments that make it easier to control where the heat is applied, a feature Chuck found especially useful “in tighter spots where I don’t want to use a torch.” Although he felt it didn’t make enough heat for the most stubbornly rusted bolts, Chuck says he’s found plenty of other uses for it, and “it’s done the job every time I tried it.”

The attachments are “well contained” in the carrying case, Chuck says, making it “easy to carry the whole kit to the job.”

The kit includes attachments that concentrate or spread the heat, another that’s ideal for shrink tube, and other tools for scraping or removing decals. The heat gun has a protection feature that turns off the heating element to prevent overheating.

Overall Chuck says the DeWALT heat gun is faster and more versatile than his older heat gun.

His only complaint about the tool is that “every time I needed to use it, I had to go look for it in the body shop.” Evidently a shop that offers both mechanical and collision repair needs two heat guns.


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