In Focus: Mueller-Kueps Press & Pull Sleeve Kit

Use the Mueller-Kueps Press & Pull Sleeve Kit (No. 609 400) for extracting and mounting the following: silent bearings, hydraulic bearings, ball bearings, rubber bearings, shaft seals, bearing bushes and more. Ideal for various vehicles due to universal application. Inner sleeves are made out of non-hardened metal for easy adjustments or re-shaping. Nuts include bearings to further reduce friction. 

Features and benefits

The Press & Pull Sleeve Kit is used for easy bearing extraction or mounting on almost any type of car. The number system on the sleeves and step discs helps keeping the kit organized. Simply measure and match the bearing with the sleeve and assemble accordingly. The kit can eliminate the necessity of demounting and balancing the wheel, as the application can be done directly on the car.  


  • German engineering.
  • Metal constructed and comes in a blow-mold plastic carrying case.
  • Press & Pull Sleeve Kit includes: four step discs, 20 inner sleeves,  fourspindles, eight nuts with bearings.

 Selling points

  • Universal usage and application.
  • Saves time and money (one tool for numerous applications).
  • Some applications can be done directly on the car without dismounting the balancing wheel.
  • Easily adjustable inner sleeve due to non-hardened metal.

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