When should the first break-in oil change be performed?

Q: I have had several customers who have purchased new vehicles and wish for our shop to service them. One question I have been asked in the past is when should the first oil change be performed?

I know the rule of thumb use to be a 1,000 miles on "break-in oil." Has the playing ground been changed now? What is the best answer for new factory vehicles?

A: First let me say, great question. There are actually two answers.

  1. For severe duty, i.e. heavy equipment or over the road trucks, the standard break-in period specified by the manufacturer is the best.
  2. For medium duty and light duty vehicles, i.e. midsized trucks, pickups and passenger cars, the 1,000-mile mark is still a good rule of thumb. Passenger cars can be changed almost immediately if desired.

Thank you for your inquiry.