Tool Review: Mechanix Wear Glove Light

The Glove Light combines the fit, feel and function of The Original Mechanix Wear glove, with an adjustable 8mm LED that gives users 25,000 MCD. This light runs with easily replaceable, AAAA batteries and lasts up to 14 hours. In low light or no light, The Original Glove Light has you covered. Each pair of gloves includes one LED that can be removed and placed on the right or left hand.

The review

Both Lou Fort, Lead Tech at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN and Tom Karagianis, owner of Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, WI, tested out the Mechanix Wear Glove Light.

At first Tom was a bit apprehensive of the glove, but found it really helped him complete some undercar inspections with ease.

Lou also mentioned he initially thought the light was cumbersome to use and wasn’t sure what he’d use it for.

But, after getting used to wearing the glove and using the light, both technicians found the glove light easy to use and helpful while completing some repairs.

Both users commented on the the easy adjustability of the glove with Velcro, and Tom mentioned the glove was nice and comfortable, offering a good grip. “The lighting, you can see across the room – nice and bright,” says Tom.

Lou used the light to locate a coolant leak and as a general light source, and also found the glove light particularly useful when drilling out glow plugs. “Not having to put down a tool and pick up a light when checking my progress was nice,” says Lou.

He also found the light extrememely helpful when welding.

“I have discovered an application for the glove light where I no longer want to do it without my glove light,” says Lou. “Even though I use a flash hood, it was still hard to see the work with the hood down and no hand free to put light on it before the welding began. With the glove light this problem has become history.”

“What started out as a ‘What were they thinking?’ moment has turned into a ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ awakening,” says Lou.

Tom found the glove light useful for undercar inspection work.

“When you’re inspecting for oil leaks, doing visual inspections, you’ve already got (the gloves) on and you don’t need to hold a light,” says Tom. “So while you’re jiggling the wheels a little bit, checking suspension parts, you can point (the light) at what you’re looking at.”

While both reviewers found the glove light useful, both were initially a bit skeptical of the uses of the glove. To improve this, Lou suggested including some practical application photos on the packaging for techs who may be interested when looking at the glove before purchasing.


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