Tool review: Magnum USA Work Pro Ultra boot

Magnum’s new Work Pro Ultra WPi CT boot offers the classic style of a Wellington boot, with advanced protection and comfort. The Work Pro Ultra offers a wide and forgiving toe box, and is built with an ASTM-approved composite toe. This composite toe provides the same safety benefits as a steel toe, but is non-metallic, non-magnetic, lighter in weight and more resistant to heat and cold. The ion-mask technology gives these boots excellent liquid repellency, which stops external water, blood pathogens and chemicals from getting in – while allowing perspiration to escape.

The review

Tom Karagianis, owner of Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, WI, was unsure if he’d like the boots when he first received them.

“I was skeptical at first, just because I’m not a slip-on boot person. I thought they would be too loose. But once you wear them a little bit, they’re awesome.”

It took Tom about a week of wearing the boots for four hours a day, to break them in.

"I get that a lot with work boots, because they’re stiff and you want to break them in so the leather’s smoother and it forms to your feet,” says Tom. “Once I broke them in, I could wear them all day and all night.”

Tom said the boots were really warm, which worked out well for cold Wisconsin winters. “They were very comfortable, very warm.”

He would wear his boots from the shop back home as well, for a full day and night of use. “It’s nice because you slip them on and off,” says Tom. “So when you go into the house you don’t have dirty feet.”

Besides being warm and comfortable, Tom pointed out two other features that made him appreciate this pair of boots: being waterproof and slip-resistant.

“They weren’t slippery at all, because I know a lot of guys worry about slipping on oil and grease if you spill. Shops can get mighty slippery, so that’s an important feature.”

Tom noticed his feet stayed dry even when washing the shop floor and cars in the shop, as well as for shoveling and plowing outside.

“I can’t say enough good things about them.”

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