Big-Time Boxes: Allen and Roy Santucci

Allen and Roy Santucci are father and son and proud co-owners of this Snap-on tool storage system. It's based on one 144" KRL1605PBO roll cab and one 73" KRL1203APBO top chest.

This storage system also includes four KRL1011APBO eight-drawer end cabinets and seven KRL1221PBO five-drawer top cabinets. Allen and Roy measure the box at 19' long and 6' tall, with 117 drawers and about 5,000 pounds of empty weight.

Allen is the owner of Al's Transmission Service in Lawson, MO, and has been in business almost 30 years. With 14 years in their current location, they began building the box five years ago with the help of Snap-on distributor Joseph Bush of Platte City, MO.

Roy says they appreciate the solid construction, heavy duty rollers and the fact that it's built in the USA. Among other things, the toolbox houses their collection of 3,500 sockets. Roy says "You can never have too many tools," which is probably why they plan to add more storage capacity this fall.