Dawn of a new A/C system era

Tips to prepare for the switch from R-134a to HFO-1234yf refrigerants.

Q: Will servicing HFO-1234yf systems require different or additional certifications for my technicians?

A: Yes, there will be new certification provisions for Section 609 programs that you will need to meet when servicing vehicles with HFO-1234yf systems. The exact details of those provisions have not yet been determined by the EPA, but they’re likely to resemble the content and structure for R-12 and R-134a procedures. One area that will require special treatment is the fact that HFO-1234yf is mildly flammable, and must be handled accordingly. Once more, service procedures in this amended portion for Section 609 training and certification programs must be used with equipment meeting SAE standards and approved by the EPA. The EPA is expected to release guidance on the new program requirements later this year, and we’ll pass those details on when they become available.


Stay tuned to PTEN for the latest developments related to the rollout of HFO-1234yf. Indeed, this new era of A/C service certainly presents some challenges, but it also presents a wealth of new service opportunities.


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