In Focus: Cal-Van Tools Relay Circuit Pro

The Cal-Van Tools Relay Circuit Pro, No. 76, allows users to test all circuits associated with a given relay. From the battery to the relay, from the relay to ignition or switch, and from the relay to the component are tested for ground or continuity.

Features and benefits

In addition to testing all circuits associated with a given relay, the Cal-Van Relay Circuit Pro will test any component related to the relay, including the fuel pump, horn or compressor, by activating the circuit at the push of a button.

The No. 76 will also test if a relay is good or bad. If the relay is bad, the tool determines what may be causing it to go bad. Also allows techs to bypass relays to do compression test, fuel pressure test, A/C fill, etc. where normally someone would have to turn the key or switches inside the vehicle, all this can now be accomplished at the motor.


Completing work related to relays it can be pretty frustrating. From probing and swapping relays most times it can take some time. The Relay Circuit Pro was developed to put all the diagnostic into one unit that is very easy to use.

Selling points

  • Cut relay related diagnosis time by 75 percent.
  • Six of the most common relays included and a universal relay for the uncommon ones.
  • Use as remote starter for compression test and fuel pressure test.
  • Easily test function of components through relay.
  • Check circuits for ground or continuity.

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